“Golden Tower Company”

The company operates in the field of import and sale oils and distinctive tires which has international trademark. Golden Tower has several international agencies in tires sector and Lubricants. Also, the company has branches for selling in four main governorates in the republic.

Golden Tower

We started our activity with a distribution of few products from local companies and we expanded our business to start importing and working a sole agent for many brands. Since 1990, one of the primary objectives of our company has been to provide Yemen market with Top Quality products of Automotive Tires, Lubricants, Grease & Auto batteries through acts as the agency representative for a range of international companies in Yemen. Using our expertise and key contacts in supply & distribute in the Yemen market through our chain operations at various locations in Yemeni market through four (4) branches in different provinces in the Republic of Yemen. As well as extensive network of a team of highly skilled sales professionals, distribution vans, trucks and warehouses of our own, in addition to excellent reputation through selling high quality products from premium suppliers  .


To reach and maintain a leading position in Yemen Market through partnership and team work as well as work with our business partners to provide us with high quality of products at competitive prices in order to increase our market share and ensure fast-growing market for our products.


The strategic approach lies behind understanding market dynamics defining customer expectations and catering for dynamics, defining customer expectations and catering for their needs. With this in mind, we were successful in introducing new products and categories, adding value to the everyday life of costumers, a strategy that was developed over the years, and it is a key to lasts our corporate profitable for generations.


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Rada’a St. Opp. Governor Crossroad, Dhamar City, Yemen

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Mobile: 00967 775090130

Start with a small prodact
We started our activity with a distribution of a few products from one local company (sole agent of Prille) as a sud-distributor for their international tire brand, as well as later for the brands (Bridgestone, Dunlop, MRF, Yokohama, GT Tyre, Mechillen, Maxxis, JK Tyres, Hankok, Marshal)
Brands & Companies
The products range we have today is covering most potential and greater market share among its classes e.g. Agricultural Tires, Lubricants Oils, Grease and Auto Batteries products. Also new range of products are under evaluation.

Hereunder are International Brands & Companies we represent in Yemen

Tires & Oil & Battery Gallery

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